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Experience Étoile Dance Competition

Here's what we provide:

Our competitions boast three entry levels ranging from beginner to pre-professional. No matter where a dancer is in their training, we will provide valid feedback to help them on their journey.

Each day of competition begins with a morning masterclass which also serves as a warm-up for stage.  We also offer a choreographic component where dancers learn contemporary choreography to be performed at the culmination of the competition.  We believe that the masterclass and choreography are important aspects of community building.

Select events will have a guest performance from a local professional dance company.  Awards ceremony will follow.

Each entry will receive detailed audio/video voice critiques from a panel of three judges.  These are emailed to you after your event. Entries will also receive a numerical score out of 100 possible points.  See Rules & Regulations for more details. 

For your convenience, we also offer virtual competitions.  See our Events page for more info.

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