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Rules & Regulations

Age Divisions

  • Petite: Ages 6-8

  • Junior: Ages 9-11

  • Teen: Ages 12-14

  • Senior: Ages 15-18

  • Adult: Ages 19+

Age Division is determined by the average age of the performer(s) by January 1st.  Adult performers may submit for adjudication purposes only and will not be allowed to place.  Adult performers must not be under contract with a full-time professional dance company.

Entry Divisions

  • Solo --1 dancer                                                                                                 2:30 minute maximum

  • Duo/Trio--2-3 dancers                                                                                   3 min maximum

  • Classical Pas de Deux (no variations)                                                     6 min maximum

  • Small Group--4-8 dancers                                                                           4 min maximum                       

  • Ensemble--9 or more dancers                                                                    8 min maximum

Performance Divisions

  • Nova--This division is suitable for dancers taking 3 or less hours per week of ballet.  It is suggested that beginner dancers enter this category if it is their first time competing or performing.

  • Supernova--Intermediate dancers or dancers taking 4-5 hours of ballet should enter this division. 

  • Etoile--Advanced dancers or dancers taking 6 or more hours per week of ballet should enter our most competitive division.  

Dancers in each division will receive awards based on performance division.

Performance Categories

​Categories are based on an emphasis in concert dance genres.  

  • Ballet--Teen and Senior Dancers are encouraged (though not required) to perform Classical Variations.  Teen and Seniors in the "Etoile" Division should perform en pointe.  Original ballet solos are also valid entries.  We suggest that dancers under the age of 12 dance on flat.  

  • Contemporary--This category includes a wide range of contemporary styles including contemporary ballet to avant garde and anything in between.

  • Modern--This style should demonstrate elements of modern technique such Graham, Horton, Taylor, Cunningham, Limon, or Release techniques.


Possible score of 100 points in the following areas:
Technique                              30 points
Artistry                                    30 points
Choreography/Staging       30 points
Overall Impression                10 points


Gold    90+ points

Silver   80-89 points

Bronze 60-79 points

Overall awards will be given to the Top 3 scoring entries in the entire competition.  Top awards will also be given within each age group and entry level.  Judges will also recognize outstanding routines based on their own preference/criteria. 

Rules & Regulations: FAQ
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